Paws to Toes: Introducing Dog to Baby

Do you know how your dog is going to react when you bring home a small baby who is receiving extra attention? The arrival of a new baby is a big change for every member, including the four-legged one! Come learn how to prevent undesirable behaviors that may grow from the addition of a new baby.

Included are some important topics covered during the seminar:

  • Preparing your dog for the big change: Before the birth
  • Learning to read dog body language
  • Determining how your dog may react
  • Jealousy and attention
  • Resource guarding, territorial issues, and protective habits
  • How to introduce dog and baby
  • The first few weeks
  • General Safety
  • Training your dog
  • Teaching your baby proper dog handling skills

Seminars are being offered at Canine Country Club in Katy, Texas. Contact Jessica at (281) 693-DOGS (3647) to sign up for the upcoming class. The seminar runs 1 1/2 hours and cost is $50.

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